When our son Graham was diagnosed with autism, my wife Jennie and I both felt lost at sea. Fortunately for us, DanaKae is a skilled lifeboat captain, and brought us into her boat, and helped steer us toward solid ground. Through her one-on-one clinics, parent workshops, and keen eyes as a therapist, she was able to help es and parents.jpgus assess Graham’s challenges, plan and execute a fulltime home therapy program, and work on ourselves, all at the same time. If there were a thousand of her, special needs children all over the world would be much better off. – Erik Linthorst

When a parent with a young child faces the challenge of navigating the best help for their child with special needs, having an expert who guides them along every step of the way is beyond priceless. DanaKae Bonahoom has been the guiding light in my understanding of my son, and in my own understanding of myself as his mother. I look forward to our monthly clinics as a safe place to empty all of my questions, concerns, and emotional roller coasters, knowing that her expertise will put me back on track with precise explanations of where my son is developmentally, and clear actions I can take to help him along. Her loving, yet firm advice leaves you with only forward motion inside and out. I constantly tell other parents to schedule time with her, even if only for one observation. She understands these children in a way I have never seen before. Within a matter of minutes, she can explain the whole picture from the child’s world and give suggestions that can change a family forever. – Jennie Linthorst

DanaKae Bonahoom is a tremendously insightful mentor and teacher. She knows child development better than anyone on the planet. DanaKae reads children brilliantly – in a moment she can describe their whole life better than their parent can. She has an exquisite understanding of where children are on the developmental ladder, and exactly what milestone a child needs to be working on. She is one of the most gifted people I have ever met. She has the ability to hear, see and feel the heart of the person in front of her.
I have received unparalleled guidance from DanaKae in private clinics. She not only provided me with a road map to supporting and understanding both of my children, but she reflected back to me all that I needed to see in myself in order to be the best mother I could possibly be. My husband and I both benefited from her expert guidance through times of marital and parenting difficulties.
In workshops, DanaKae is absolutely mesmerizing. She shares stories of children’s journeys infused with wisdom and heart. She teaches tangible lessons to help parents understand and relate better to their children. She holds up the mirror and teaches parents to see themselves more clearly. Her workshops are heart-opening experiences that have deepened my life and my relationship with my children forever. I am eternally grateful to DanaKae for assisting me in being a gifted mother –so that I could give my children the support and freedom to be the full expressions of light that they are. – Dana Halsted

DanaKae opened my eyes and my heart to my son’s world. She gave me the tools and stategies to look for, listen to, and feel the heart of a boy filled with love and excitement. When we got involved with her Developmental Milestone teaching, my awareness of who my son is and where he was in his development, allow me to shift my preconceived notions of who he was and ultimatlely helped me shift my perception of who I am. It gave cause to recognize my role as a parent, a teacher and a custodian of the heart. Above all else, DanaKae demonstrates through examples of what we all want in interpersonal communication, the gift of being heard and understood. Her message touches our essences and allows everyone a chance to express themselves with confidence and grace and the gives us the tools to receive a message of love. – Patrick McGurk

We first met DanaKae when a parent from our pre-school brought her in to work with us. We were amazed at the depth of her knowledge and her ability to connect with children. We’ve spent the last year working closely with DanaKae and have seen such wonderful changes in our children and ourselves. – Sherlyn Lee

I have worked with DanaKae Bonahoom personally and as an early childhood educationist for the last 2 years. Its been a exciting journey thus far. DanaKae has an amazing gift working with children and families. Her profound understanding of children and their holistic development has helped me firstly to understand my own children’s development and their internal drivers. I have personally experienced much deeper emotional connection with my children and seen amazing positive growth in their development. As an educator, DanaKae’s work has helped me immensely as I work with families and children to help them along with their holistic development. The results have been amazing! especially in children with special needs. I highly recommend her training and family consultation work. The school (Little Hands Pte Ltd) that I teach at, continues to have ongoing training with her. We are truly grateful for her heart work that touches lives in Singapore. – Choo Su-Yin

For the last 2 years my husband and I were searching for some answers to explain some of the unusual behaviour my sons were displaying. It was a cause of concern to us but family and friends dismissed it as part of the growing up process and that both of us were being overly anxious. We saw some therapists but no one could really explain to us what was going on. I was blessed to be introduced to DanaKae about a year ago who was able to educate us on SID (Sensory Integration Disorder). She was able to explain why our children behaved the way they did. This was the start of our wonderful learning journey with DanaKae who equipped us with the knowledge and strategies to help our children develop. Because of this, there is less tension, stress and frustration with the kids and it has helped to build and even stronger bond with our children. The important thing we have learned is that most normal children have SID the question is to what degree. – Audrey Chia

DanaKae’s biggest gift to me was in the reframing of my child. He has so much more potential than I was allowing him. – Patricia Tan

DanaKae has reached into our lives, filling our minds with knowledge about our daughter’s special needs, expanding our “parenting toolbox” with proven ideas to better raise all our children (special needs and non), imparting us with renewed hope and delivering us a more regulated and happy child. She is a true blessing and is one of the most dedicated people we have met in the child development and special needs realm. She will bring Singapore’s young generations to amazing potential with her informative and upbeat training sessions for professionals and parents alike, while also finding her way into children’s hearts to heal them and/or make they reach new heights in cognitive and emotional development. – Terry and Jane D. Samuel
Our family is truly blessed to have DanaKae in our lives. We met her shortly after our son was diagnosed with special needs, in our frantic search for help for our son. She has travelled an arduous journey with our son and us, every single step of the way, offering not only her invaluable expert guidance, but also her tremendous support and friendship, in good times and in bad times. Her wealth of professional knowledge and experience is simply incredible. However, it is surpassed by her deep and selfless love for our son. Our son has come such a long way ever since we started working with her. We have learnt so much from her, and are so much better equipped to help our son in this journey. – Paul & Wan Ling Roth

Being a person who regularly attends seminars, as I find them a very effective way to truly understand a topic in a concise and efficient format, I can wholeheartedly say that the best seminar I have ever attended was the seminar given by DanaKae Bonahoom. She truly speaks from the heart on a topic which she is so well qualified to discuss. Her seminar, by virtue of being so well done, really enriched my understanding of children (my own as well as others). Her question and answer sessions then allowed each participant to derive an even deeper understanding. It is clear that she strives to inspire each participant. I truly believe that the time spent in DanaKae’s seminar was invaluable, has made me a better parent and will stay with me for a lifetime. – Lynette Young

What I appreciate about DanaKae is that she is interested in all aspects of the child and has staked out the special area of social/emotional development as her own (a place that I think some adults have trouble understanding is an important aspect of development). She has serious clinical knowledge, but her exercise of that knowledge and her approach is anything but clinical. That she is an expert on all aspects of child development and therefore understands how each part connects is the most valuable. Moreover, she does everything with a big heart. She holds out a vision for children and allows confused parents to grasp onto that vision and she gives them tools to work towards that vision. I tell every parent I can about DanaKae as I feel fortunate to have been the recipient of her advice. – Lisa Botos

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