January 23, 2011 – As I sit and type this afternoon, I reflect on the fact that this 3rd Sunday of January is recognized as “Sanctity of Human Life Day,” here in the USA!!! I am moved into so many heart responses today…but the ONE I want to share with all of my MOST favorite PARENTS….is that words could NEVER express HOW incredibly grateful I am for you and YOUR children!!! Your children, in ALL their unique packaging have taught me lessons I could have NEVER received from another human being…but because those lessons have come through a child and his/her heart I am a better person today!!! My prayer is that EVERY single person that gets to even MEET your cherub…will KNOW and feel the POWER of LIFE…LOVE and JOY unspeakable!!! I KNOW your journey as Mom and Dad can be difficult…but this is a time to BE STRONG and COURAGEOUS….allow your child to BE who he/she was sent here to BE!!! If I wrote down everything I have received from children…oh MY, there would never be enough “memory ” to contain it!! So today…I write one of my most recent memories…as a sweet cherub sobbed in Church today…because she LOVES LOVES LOVES children and had never truly understood that there are so many she will never meet here on earth…as I held her tightly, I was thrust into one of my mottos of daily life…when things look bad…seem too difficult…hold a child and look through their eyes…listen to their strong heart beat…all cares fade away….and HOPE is illuminated!!! KNOW today I value you and your cherub’s lives!! Keep LOVING…KEEP LIVING…hold tight to who you’ve been called and blessed to parent!! I am with you in HEART!!! –DK