1. Listens only to GODLY COUNSEL…Use GOD’s GPS (GODLY POSITIONING SYSTEM). Take your counsel from heaven according to God’s plan!
  2. Don’t stand in the paths of sinners (you know people who don’t have your best interest at heart). And think about this, Do you STAND in the these paths and state, but “I don’t join?” Well, face the truth…that is an aspect of joining, and your could stumble…not to mention tarnishing your own testimony!
  3. Don’t sit with the ungodly…ARE YOU SITTING, and not joining? WELL, get up and RUN!
  4. OKAY, DELIGHT in the law of the LORD…ARE you maintaining a HAPPY attitude in all you do for YESHUA? HMMM…might want to check in on this one!
  5. Meditate on God’s law, “What do you want from me, Lord?”
  6. BE a TREE connected to HIS living water, because…
  7. Then you will bring forth HIS FRUIT! Wait on GOD and stay connected even when YOU think you could do better, or move faster! Jacob waited, Joseph waited, Abraham waited, David waited, and even JESUS WAITED! Wait for your turn! Last week’s message from Pastor Riley, Acts 1:1-9 Jesus said, WAIT FOR THE PROMISE! “A WAITING PEOPLE IS A POWERFUL PEOPLE”
  8. It’s leaves never wither because the branches stay connected and get their JUICE from the VINE…

I pray you are SUPER BLESSED by this message!!!