February 12, 2012~ To weave a “one-piece” life with cherubs of different abilities, one needs COURAGE!!! I was recently thinking about so many of you, praying that you have the strength, and courage to stay on the parenting journey!! One might ask, “Well, what do you mean, how can we do anything other than stay?” The truth is many parents today, lose heart, and shift to a life of parenting which results in a very unstable foundation. From my heart, I get it…your days are not easy, and sometimes, you are simply worn-out, or scared! The interesting aspect of “how” children are made should encourage us to press onward…in hot pursuit of “wholeness.” Children need to be “attached,” they need to understand their part to the WHOLE of a family! When children understand that we are in essence weaving a tight family quilt of support for every area of the development, they begin to grow in their emotional quotient. This principle is “key,” as it then allows them to demonstrate their cognitive abilities with confidence. Oftentimes, we are so busy providing such a variety of experiences for our children, whether it be for enrichment, or for therapeutic benefit, that we LOSE sight of how they were created to live, and grow in the world. One of their greatest desires is to BELONG to a family, and when they see us disjointed, scattered, unavailable, or too busy, they begin to seek other groups to join. They can no longer “discern” the whole family, thus they find themselves in behavioral patterns that cause a further push away, or attention seeking patterns to try to pull you close. My heart is to encourage you to STAY close to the “ONE PIECE LIFE” concept, as it will feed your cherubs everything they will ever NEED for LIFE!!! A family life that is tightly woven, celebrates each person’s strengths, and cheers one another on in their challenges. It is a life where nothing is more important than the relationships you share, and hold in your home. We cannot reach out to others, and model the spirit of “community” if we are not living “one-piece” lives with our own cherubs!! Thus, the main ingredient besides “grace,” is COURAGE…that level of risk, and bravery as a parent that calls each one of us to a HIGHER place of accountability, a place where TRUTH reigns. This is a great moment to redefine WHAT you desire your child’s life to “really” BE…the answer does not exist within the outcome of therapy, the success behind good grades, or the success within accomplishments! The answer lies within the fact of, WHO IS YOUR CHILD IN THE FAMILY??? Does he/she KNOW their ROLE…their PART to the WHOLE??? TAKE HEART my parenting partners…ONE STEP AT A TIME…be strong and courageous…your cherubs are waiting to “play” their part!!! EXCITING huh??? LET’s get WEAVING!!! ~Love and blessings to each of you, ~DK